Solid Fuels

Solid Fuels – Coal and Smokeless


If you have read through our website you will be aware that solid fuels are where our roots began before the turn of the 1900’s – thats over 100 years!

Above this text you may have noticed the Approved Coal Merchants logo, a sign you should always look for when buying coal or smokeless fuels. Retailers who are worthy of displaying this logo abide by the Coal Trade Code agreeing to stringent standards such as only ever supplying quality fuels. Us having been established as fuel dealers for so long we have also been awarded ‘Diploma’ status.

We stock Coal and smokeless fuels at competitive prices! You can either collect from our premises at the caravan centre or arrange to have it delivered to your home address in any quantity. It is available in convenient clean plastic 20kg pre packed bags or 50kg sacks – which ever suits your needs best!

For help and advice on your solid fuel – why not give us a call and ask to speak to Jon about coal?

Please be aware that in certain area’s of the town it is not permissible for us to deliver house coal – only smokeless fuels because of the smokeless zones that are in place.

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